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Fabrication of Boat Glass Hatches

Cedric Marina Ltd. offers a range of boat glass hatches for both personnel and/or cargo purposes. Our hatches are professionally fabricated and welded to order using aluminum and stainless steel components based on your specifications, as well as your boat. These materials can be interchangeably used in various components of your hatch.

We provide a variety of hardware options for boat glass hatches such as:

  • Dogs and drop bolts with spring balancing
  • It can be ordered in any size
  • It can be ordered in any configuration

Our hatched are engineered by the appropriate standards. We offer hatches that are both stylish and functional to meet both your functional purpose and aesthetic requirements. We include multiple features such as the standard safety features of a built-in underside escape handle and/or more.

Boat Glass Hatches

Our hatches are specifically designed for a variety of boats, which also includes workboats. Our welded hatches can feature a heavy aluminum frame with various constructional and architectural styles. Our professional manufactured and fabricated hatches are the ideal watertight closures that come with a variety of closing mechanisms for the convenience and the safety of our customer. Cedric Marina Ltd. strives to provide our customers with strong and durable products that offer long-lasting service, while also adhering to the proper regulations, and adding a stylish aspect to any boat.

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