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Marine & Custom Welding service

Marine & Custom Welding Vancouver

CEDRIC MARINA LTD. is a licensed ‘A’ ticketed welder that is registered with the Industry Training Authority and the BC Safety Authority. We have experience in a variety of common welding standards such as:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

We utilize the highest quality of materials for our projects and also have 15 years of experience in various welding procedures such as:

  • GMAW (MIG)
  • GTAW (TIG)

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We use these procedures on a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless-steel and mild steel. We have extensive experience in a variety of industries, with a specialty in the Marine industry. With our various licenses, we can do projects that can meet the requirements for the majority of packaging anywhere across the globe. With services in mobile welding, professional design and high-quality fabrication, the certified fabricators at CEDRIC MARINA LTD. will help replicate your marine vision into a reality. With quality workmanship and customer service in the marine industry, CEDRIC MARINA LTD. can weld and fabricate any design for the marine industry.

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Several of our marine welding and metal fabrication services are: Structural Welding: this can include hull repair, anchor pocket repair, refits and extensions etc. Marine Plumbing: we can do pipe installations and construction, pipe and fitting repair and more. Metal Fabrication: we can fabricate stainless-steel ladders and railings, as well as pulpits and rod holders. Metal Polishing: we do a high-quality mirror finish polishing, as well as interior and exterior polishing. Custom Installations: this can include hatch deck installations, custom transom door installations, winch installations, fishing rod holders and more. We ensure that our installations and projects will best suit any marine specific setting. To find out more about the marine and custom weld services that we offer, call us now!

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