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Our Commercial & Residential Glass Railings

Glass Railings Installation In Vancouver & Surrey, BC By Cedric Marina

Cedric Marina develops engineered glass railings products in Vancouver and Surrey BC that fit in a variety of stairway applications, which include modern architectural designs as well as security applications.

We offer a range of handrail designs that are pre-engineered for your convenience and to also meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of your chosen design. We offer a myriad of railing designs custom built for stairways. Our two prime examples include glass railings and picket railings.

Railing systems are becoming intricate and varied. One of the currently popular types of this system is the glass stair railings. Customers often want glass railings outdoor and indoor of their property since they add a pleasing and modern look to any ledge, deck, staircase, or balcony. Here are the things you need to know about it.

Deck & Stair Glass Railings In Vancouver

Cedric Marina Ltd. provides high-quality deck railings, glass stair railings, and other interior and exterior glass railings for both residential and commercial applications in Vancouver and Surrey BC. From balconies and decks to homes and commercial buildings, our glass railings enhance your space with unobstructed views and modern elegance.

We provide top notch service with a range of options to help you design the right glass railing for your application. All of our railings come equipped with stainless-steel handrails which deliver both the strength and the beauty to any of your commercial/residential installation projects.

All railing systems by Cedric Marina Ltd. are created with tempered glass panels as structural balusters, and the components are available in polished/brushed stainless steel and aluminum. These components also include internal splice connectors, mitered corners, end caps and more. You can see some of our glass railings projects in Surrey and Vancouver down the page.

Picket Railing In Vancouver & Surrey BC

One of our railing types is picket railings. Picket railings are considered to be the most popular design style of railings selected due to their easy maintenance and seemingly endless options of designs, top rails and overall aesthetic appeal. Picket railings offer benefits such as safety for the everyday customer (depending on the application) and a standard style that best suits the needs of the customer’s projects.

Other benefits of picket railings are that they are cost effective and durable for both residential and commercial applications. Cedric Marina Ltd. has installed countless picket railings in both residential and commercial applications throughout North America. Our picket railings come professionally welded from our manufacturing facility and we can guarantee to provide the structural assurance and desired style custom made to fit any building. If you looking for Picket railings or glass railings in Vancouver or Surrey, Contact us now.  

Types Of Our Glass Railings In Vancouver And Surrey Bc

Framed Glass Railings Surrey & Vancouver BC

The most typically used type of railing is the framed glass railing since it offers a combination of safety and luxury. Framed glass railings are often cheaper since they uses a standard glass panel compared to the frameless railing that needs thicker and more expensive glass that are custom manufactured. The frames are commonly made of aluminum or wood.

Aluminum frames are more popular for they need little to no maintenance. This type of glass railings is designed to be installed easily on any surface, preserve views, and ensure scenery and sightlines. They are often used around pools or for raised platforms. Framed glass railings are mostly recommended for those with pets and children since they maximize the view while minimizing the odds of accidents.

Frameless Glass Railings Vancouver & Surrey

If you want to maximize the stunning view or scenery from your deck, frameless glass railing is most suited for you. They are made from topless and bottomless glass panels which give unimpeded views. Frameless glass railings only use posts that are specifically designed to hold the glass in place.

They are the most common choice for terraces, decks, and balconies. We are one of the best contractors of Glass Railings in Vancouver and Surrey. With more than 1000 successful glass railings projects, we can say that we are the best in our work.

Cedric Marina: Your Trusted Partner for Glass Railings

Cedric Marina Ltd. is Vancouver’s leading provider of exceptional custom glass railings for residential and commercial spaces. Our team of experts collaborates with you to translate your vision into reality, utilizing high-quality materials and meticulous design to create stunning and secure railings that enhance both safety and aesthetics. Contact Cedric Marina Ltd. today to discuss your project and unlock the transformative power of glass.

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Pros And Cons Of Glass Railings


  • Versatile design. This is one of the only railing systems that can blend with varieties of design elements without looking hodgepodge or cluttered since after installation the glass will appear finished and neat.
  • Durable. Glass railings are made from tempered glass with one-quarter thickness. This shows that it is very unlikely to crack or break under normal daily use and stressor. Moreover, this makes it a great choice for deck railings with low maintenance.
  • Great visual appeal. Glass railing offers a contemporary, clean look that beats any other commonly used deck railing system. It offers the most visual appeal and is identified as the gold standard for deck handrails.
  • Unimpeded views. If your veranda, deck, or patio looks out onto a stunning view, glass railings are an excellent choice to guarantee that the view is unobstructed and preserved. This is highly possible as long as the installed glass railings are completely transparent. You, your family, and your friends can still enjoy the view with the great stance that the glass railings provide.
  • Solid barrier. Compared to other deck handrails, glass provides a solid barrier between the ground below and the deck posts or glass balusters. If you have a screened porch or an elevated deck, glass decking products can minimize the inconvenience of potentially breaking or losing small objects.


  • Price. Some of the most expensive railing systems that are currently available on the market are glass railings. However, given the benefits that this product offers, the price should not come as a surprise. The price does fluctuate and it varies based on the quantity you need and the method of installation you use.
  • Maintenance. It still need regular cleaning for both inside and outside despite being designed to resist everyday wear and tear. Be sure to keep in mind that glass railings require more maintenance and it can be problematic if the outdoor space is difficult to reach.

For more information about the price, fitting, installation, and specifics of glass railings in Surrey and Vancouver, please do not hesitate to contact a representative of Cedric Marina or email at us [email protected]

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