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Our Commercial & Residential Glass Railings

CEDRIC MARINA LTD. develops engineered railing products that fit in a variety of stairway applications, which includes modern architectural designs as well as security applications. We offer a range of handrail designs that are pre-engineered for your convenience and to also meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of your chosen design. We offer a myriad of railing designs custom built for stairways. Our two prime examples include glass railings and picket railings.


CEDRIC MARINA LTD. provides high quality interior and exterior glass railings for both residential and commercial applications. Glass railings are the optimal choice in providing clear and beautiful views from balconies, decks, homes and commercial buildings. It also adds a more modern and edgy accent to any building. Using glass railings as a structural aesthetic has increased in popularity over the past few years, and it is here to stay. We provide top notch service with a range of options to help you design the right glass railing for your application. All of our glass railings come equipped with stainless-steel handrails which delivers both the strength and the beauty to any of your commercial/residential installation projects. All glass railing systems by CEDRIC MARINA LTD. are created with tempered glass panels as structural balusters, and the components are available in polished/brushed stainless steel and aluminum. These components also include internal splice connectors, mitered corners, end caps and more.


Picket railings are considered to be the most popular design style of railings selected due to its easy maintenance and seemingly endless options of designs, top rails and overall aesthetic appeal. Picket railings offers benefits such as safety for the everyday customer (depending on the application) and a standard style that best suits the needs of the customer’s projects. Other benefits of picket railings are that they are cost effective and durable for both residential and commercial applications. CEDRIC MARINA LTD. have installed countless picket railings in both residential and commercial applications throughout North America. Our picket railings come professional welded from our manufacturing facility and we can guarantee to provide the structural assurance and desired style custom made to fit any building.

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