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Cargo Ship Services In Vancouver And Lower Mainland BC

Cedric Marina Ltd.  offers a variety of Cargo Ship Services.

Cedric Marina: Your Source for Expert Hydraulic Repair Service and Welding

Construction and repair of hydraulic systems and industrial equipment rely heavily on welding, including for cargo ships. With hydraulic systems on cargo ships, welding is frequently utilized for anything from fixing hydraulic cylinders to building supports and frames. Arc welding, stick welding, and solid-state welding are just a few of the numerous welding techniques that can be utilized on cargo ships.

MIG, TIG, and STICK welding are the three welding techniques that are most frequently used in hydraulic repair and fabrication on cargo ships. Each has advantages and disadvantages, as well as circumstances when it performs best.

Cedric Marina Ltd. provides full fabrication and repair services to the hydraulic and industrial sectors. Our full-service machine shop can help with everything from fabricating to repairing existing parts or systems with the most up-to-date welding and machining equipment.

The BC Safety Authority and the Industry Training Authority include Cedric Marina on their list of registered welders with an “A” ticket. We have expertise in several widely used welding standards, including:

o ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
o CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)


Welding Fabrication & Hydraulic Repair Near Me In Vancouver

Whether you’re in Vancouver, Surrey, or Coquitlam, Cedric Marina Ltd. can deliver high-quality welding and fabrication services for the maritime industry, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.

Structural Welding Expertise For Your Boat

Structural welding services are among the marine welding and metal fabrication services we offer; examples include hull repair, anchor pocket repair, refits, extensions, etc.


Expert Marine Plumbing: Installations, Repairs, And More

The services offered by Marine Plumbing include pipe and fitting installation and repair, as well as other services.


Metal Fabrication Services For Custom Marine Accessories

Stainless steel ladders, railings, pulpits, and rod holders can all be made using the Metal Fabrication Service.


Metal Polishing & Custom Installations For Your Marine

We provide both interior and exterior polishing as well as high-quality mirror finishes.


Customized Installations

Many customized installation options include hatch decks, unique transom doors, and more.


Expert Welding For Cargo Ship Hydraulics

We make sure that all of our projects and installations are suitable for maritime situations. Whether your hydraulic application requires MIG, TIG, or STICK welding, it’s usually better to leave the actual welding procedure to the experts. In welding, there are several factors besides the metals utilized and their thickness must be taken into account. Hydraulic equipment requires a certified, professional welder in order to generate a strong, defect-free weld or an effective weld between two different metals.

Call us now if you have any questions regarding our welding fabrication and hydraulic system services.

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