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Marine Repair In Vancouver BC

Expert Marine Repair In Vancouver & Surrey: From Engines To Interiors

Cedric Marina Ltd. has been trusted by business owners and residents alike all around Vancouver as their number-one boat repair shop. We specialize in bespoke welding, fabrication, and installation, and can provide a variety of different marine repairs including:

Boat And Ship Hull Repair

Hull health is very important for your vessel. Your boat’s hull is arguably one of its most important components. If the hull on your boat is damaged, don’t worry – the team at Cedric Marina is ready to help. Fortunately most minor hull damage on modern vessels can be repaired and the results will make it seem like the damage never happened.

Boat Anchor Pocket Repair

Anchor pocket repair is one of the most overlooked maintenance points. Our team is experienced in repairing anchor pockets and after assessing the situation can work with you to ensure your boat feels new again.

Marine Railing Design and Fabrication

Cedric Marina has experienced engineers, estimators, designers and technicians on the team to help with even the toughest boat modification or boat repair or any marine repair. One of our specialties is creating beautiful custom boat railings out of the finest steel and aluminum, with a mirror like polish and artisanal welding.

Our custom designs can be seen in the railings, glass hatches, transom doors, hulls and ladders of many boats. We can make your old boat good as new, or make your new boat stand out. Come see why years of experience sets Cedric Marina apart from the competition.

Marine Pipe Installation and Construction:

We are certified experts in pipe fabrication and pipe installation. With countless bespoke fabrication and maintenance projects under our belt, Cedric Marina is there for you in your time of need. We have worked with commercial vessels and pleasure craft, as well as a variety of high quality steel and other metals.

Marine Fabrication

Cedric Marina is a Canadian Welding Bureau certified boat repair shop. Our certified technicians are experts in working with aluminum, steel, glass and shaping them in advanced designs fit just for your boat by our team of engineers. We have designed and fabricated bespoke stainless steel ladders, rod holders, and beautiful pulpits.

Our boat railing fabrication, including railings, transom gates, and the aforementioned rail work comes with intricate polishing and expert welding. You can really tell the difference with a Cedric Marina project. If you need any marine things for your boat, contact us now!

Marine Custom Installations:

We can help you with custom installations for your boat. Our installations are done professionally to ensure your safety and make sure everything is working properly. We have done many different installations including:

  • Hatch deck installations
  • Custom transom door installations
  • Winch installations

Cedric Marina is proud of the high quality work and customer service our team has been able to provide to the marine repair industry. Our team’s extensive training and experience in marine welding and fabrication make us the top choice for anyone looking for boat service. If you need help with anchor pocket repair, marine plumbing, fabrication or custom installations feel free to give us a call or contact us online.

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