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Aluminum Fishing Rod Holders

Cedric Marina Ltd. offers high quality custom fabricated fishing rod holders for your boat. Our fishing rod holders start at just $50, are well built from great quality materials, and highly recommend to fishers of all skill-levels. Contact us today so that we can learn more about your specific needs. if you looking for aluminum fishing rod holder manufacturers in Vancouver BC or Surrey BC or Coquitlam BC, contact us now!

Every fishing boat should be well equipped for all kinds of fishing trips, and fishing rod holders are a key equipment piece whether they are mounted on the side of your watercraft, or on the boat’s T-Top.

Advantages of Fishing Rod Holders

Prevent your rods from getting damaged or broken – If you just have your fishing rods lying around your boat, you need to take precaution when it comes to protecting your assets. Keeping your rods organized and stored in a safe place is key to minimizing the odds of them getting wrecked. A fishing rod holder allows you to keep your rods off of horizontal surfaces and keep them upright away from high traffic areas. With fishing rods getting more and more expensive, it’s a good idea to invest into their overall well-being, and fishing rod holders are a very effective way of accomplishing that key mandate.

Save your arms – Fishing is a physically demanding sport, so using a good quality fishing rod holder can help relieve some of the manual holding that you need to do otherwise.

Easy Trolling – Trolling allows fishing poles to be baited and placed in angled holders, and then be drawn through the water behind a slow moving boat. You can catch fish without doing any physical work yourself which may not feel quite as rewarding, but the fish will taste the same after cooking them up, we promise.

Stay untangled – How many times have you gone fishing and gotten your poles, lines, lures, and hooks all tangled up with other poles, equipment, and tools. If your answer to this question is never, then chances are that you use fishing rod holders to your aid already. You should strive to keep your fishing equipment area clean and uncluttered to prevent the chances of tangling happening, and fishing rod holders certainly go a long way towards this important goal. You want to spend as much time fishing and catching fish as possible, not untangling stuff and getting frustrated.

Fishing Rod Holders For Boats

Fish like a pro – Every serious fisher should have at least one fishing rod holder for the benefits mentioned above. Once you get used to using them you will never go back to having your poles just randomly lying around your boat. Fishing is a challenging enough endeavor even with using the proper equipment and tools, so make sure you are well positioned to achieve success, and stay happy throughout the process.


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