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Commercial and Residential Glass Stair Railings In Surrey

If you are in the market for exterior or interior glass railings that are of high quality and offer a modern and sleek look, then Cedric Marina Ltd. has some incredible options, just for you. Our hand railings products fit both commercial and residential stairways and for security utility. We can evaluate the technical and aesthetic specifications of your stairs and proudly offer custom railing designs to perfectly cater to your demanding needs.

We operate within Surrey and the surrounding area, so if you are actively looking for glass railings for your property, then send us a message or call us to learn how we can deliver exactly what you need.

Glass Railings In Surrey

Cedric Marina Ltd. provides a complete solution from designing to fabricating to installing railings, and for a wide variety of applications including steps up to your bedroom, or office stairs to your boardroom. It can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what kind of railings you need to fit your particular space, but we alleviate that pain with the help of our talented designers who can assist you in achieving the look you want, while seamlessly fitting into your unique environment.

Once you select the design you want then our expert engineers get involved to leverage the design and turn it into a reality. From there we fabricate the engineer’s work in our manufacturing facility by using the highest quality materials available to us, and finally, our installers polish off the job by implementing it into your space. From start to finish the work is done in the Surrey area, and you can rest assured that you get a world class experience and end result, but with a lovely local touch.

Picket Railings In Surrey

Previously only experienced in skyscrapers, glass railings are now emerging as luxury styling for interior and exterior spaces. Cedric Marina Ltd. is thrilled to be a premier solution to deliver the luxury of stainless steel handrails, structural balusters, and tempered glass, in addition to brushed stainless steel and polished aluminum to Surrey and the surrounding area.

Versatility is a big reason why glass railings are so popular now, and there are numerous options for how glass railings can be configured to your exact needs. The most dominant design option is the picket railing design which is renowned for its reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout commercial and residential properties.

If you are in or around the Surrey area, then you are well-positioned to work with Cedric Marina Ltd. on your polished stainless steel or aluminum and glass railing project. We are proud of what we do, and we invite you to view some of that beautiful work below.