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Commercial & Residential Aluminum Railings In Surrey

Cedric Marina’s Aluminum Railings for Surrey Homes

Canadian weather is infamous for having vast extremes in terms of precipitation, winds, and storms, and temperatures. These weather extremes make aluminum a very popular choice for outdoor railings as the material is built to last long-term. Aluminum railing projects by Cedric Marina are guaranteed to produce results that exceed your expectations and, of course, stand up to Canada’s erratic and unpleasant seasons, whether that be Spring, Summer, Fall, and especially harsh Winters.

We offer numerous product designs that are aesthetically beautiful and are technically sound. Our catalog boasts a wide range of pre-fabricated designs for a wide range of tastes, but if you can’t find what you need then our design team is eager to create a customized aluminum railing solution in Surrey, completely in-house. Contact us to discover our vast selection of metal colors and patterns available.

The Advantages Of Aluminum Railings

Aluminum is commonly used in both commercial and residential railing projects, from detached house’s porch steps to high rise condo buildings, and everything in between. Aluminum is trusted by a wide population of people for a few reasons including:

  • Versatility: Aluminum is extremely adaptable, and can be molded into virtually any shape or size to accommodate any architectural vision.
  • Sustainability: Aluminum and its alloys are some of the most recycled materials on planet earth today.
  • Corrosion resistance: Aluminum railings are often seen on land, but are also very common on boats including large sea vessels as the metal doesn’t rust despite often being in a wet state. The maintenance needed is very low, if an aluminum handrail is dirty then it can be simply wiped down with water based cleaning materials to restore it back to its original state.
  • Reliability: Aluminum is extremely durable and won’t crack, split, swell, or warp, even over a long period of time.



Prefabricated & Custom Aluminum Railings For Stairs, Decks & More

Cedric Marina provides some of the finest quality aluminum railings for stairs, decks, fences, handrails, and gates. Should you not find a design that satisfies you in our selection of prefabricated aluminum railings, our team of engineers and designers is happy to work with you on a custom solution.

We work with both residential and commercial clients, as well as many contractors, installers, builders, and construction sites. Come see why Cedric Marina is a trusted name when it comes to aluminum railings in Surrey. Our work includes:

Options are available to meet your unique needs: We have a wide variety of existing designs to choose from in our catalog, or we can proudly build a custom bespoke aluminum railing to perfectly work with your fence, gate, or stairway.

Implementation: We love designing and building new railings for our clients, and we also do the heavy lifting by effectively installing them inside homes and offices, and also outside on properties as well. We are the complete solution for your aluminum railing needs.

Large and small, we do them all: Our teams can handle any job from tiny homes in suburbs to big buildings in downtown locations. Every project is a new, exciting challenge for us regardless of its size and complexity.