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Commercial and Residential staircase glass railings Coquitlam 

If you’re looking for high quality interior or exterior glass railings Coquitlam that look modern, sleek, and tasteful – look no further than CEDRIC MARINA LTD. Our offerings of hand railings fit both residential and commercial stairway and security applications. We are proud to offer railing designs custom built to fit the technical and aesthetic requirements of your stairs. We serve the whole tri-city area, so if you are looking for glass railing in Coquitlam, Port Moody or Port Coquitlam CEDRIC MARINA LTD. can help.

glass railings Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities

CEDRIC MARINA LTD. designs, fabricates, and installs railings for a wide variety of applications – from the office stairs to the steps up to your bedroom. If you’re not sure what kind of railings would fit your space, we have designers to help you get the look that fits your environment perfectly. Once you’ve decided on the design, our expert team of engineers takes over to precisely transfer that design into reality. The engineers’ work is then fabricated in our manufacturing facility out of the best materials available and installed by our installers. The work, from start to finish, is done minutes from the Tri-Cities – meaning you see quick results that are sure to satisfy.

Picket Railing in Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities

glass railings Coquitlam, which were previously only seen in tall skyscrapers are emerging as the peak of interior and exterior styling, and CEDRIC MARINA LTD. is happy to bring the luxury of stainless steel handrails, tempered glass, structural balusters, as well as polished aluminium and brushed stainless steel to Coquitlam and Port Moody. One of the reasons that glass railings are so popular is their versatility – there are seemingly endless options that glass railings can be configured to both visually and technically. The most prominent among those designs is the picket railing design, which is known for its reliability and cost effectiveness in residential and commercial applications alike.

If you’re in the general Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam), then you’re just minutes away to a beautiful set of polished stainless steel or aluminium and glass railings. Just look at some of our previous projects: