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Acquiring a boat through purchase can be risky, a person who ventures into such business should be careful not to make the wrong decision. Knowing what to identify and search for when purchasing a used aluminum boat is critical and can assist an individual in recognizing possible future complications that will arise from the usage of the boat.

It is of great necessity to put one’s safety first among other things before making a decision on whether to buy a used boat or not. This is the rationale behind the list of things that are discussed below, which provide a guide to making the best decision when purchasing a used aluminum boat.

Damaged steering system

A delicate and dangerous problem to watch out for in a secondhand aluminum boat is a wrecked or malfunctioning steering system. It is important to notice and search for wear and tear on the supporting cables and the ascension areas. In addition to this, it is imperative to check for a firm or constricted outboard engine.


Aluminum boats have been found to be susceptible to corrosion, and as such, it is important to examine every part of the boat for excessive amounts of white or grey chalk-like corrosion. If the boat is discovered to have excessive corrosion, it is possible the boat has been plunged in oceans and other saltwater bodies at one time or the other.

Damaged wires

The battery of any automobile gives life to its purpose. This makes the proper functioning of the battery a major issue for consideration. The battery connections should be checked to ensure the wires are free of any puncture or wear. If probable, a thorough inspection under the dash for any related problem should be carried out. Using this opportunity to confirm that the wires are firm, neat and prearranged.


Practically all aluminum boats have been discovered to have a crack or two. Although, these cracks are usually minimal and are found close to where the fittings are attached. They are also located close to stress points in the boat. Numerous cracks concentrated in one area could be a sign of major structural or contact damage.

Wrecked skeg and props

The propeller of an aluminum boat must also be examined for any damage or constriction since it’s the force that converts rotational movement into propulsion. It is also imperative to ensure the lower compartment of the boat is checked for any misplaced chunks or rough areas. Although the damage to a propeller may seem negligible, it could result in internal problems eventually, as a burden on the lower compartment could lead to possible gear failure.

As much as it is important to consider these factors enlisted above before purchasing a secondhand aluminum boat, it is also vital to put into perspective one’s overall budget for purchasing a boat. A boat whether new or secondhand would require maintenance. It’s crucial that one thinks about the maintenance that would be required on a regular basis before deciding to buy a boat, especially a previously used boat.