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Mobile Welding Vancouver

Demand is typically high when it comes to welding work needed, and that’s because it’s an essential service within many industries. Some off-site welding companies can deliver quality results, but they are limited in what they can provide to clients in order to deliver a complete service offering. By utilizing the added value that a mobile welding company such as Cedric Marina can provide, clients gain access to more services that off-site welding companies simply can’t provide.

Below, we outline a few benefits of mobile welding so you can understand the importance of this valuable service, and how it can help you tackle the next project that you have in mind.

  • Convenience – Everything you need to be done in regards to your welding needs is taken care of in the comfort of your space. This eliminates the undesirable travel needed to get your item or items to and from a welding shop.
  • More services available – It’s nearly impossible to bring anything you want worked on to a welding shop. Jobs that feature elements such as gates, big and heavy equipment, fences, and other hard to move or challenging to transport construction pieces have to be taken care of on-site, and that’s where mobile welding shines.
  • Quicker service time – There are all kinds of distractions and interruptions that occur at workshops, and welding facilities are no different. When our professionals can work right on your premises, we are able to get the job done quickly due to a more focused workspace to perform on. Plus you don’t have to disassemble anything that needs to be worked on, so we can take care of anything as-is to save you and your team valuable time.


  • You get our full attention – We come to you for your welding needs, so our expertise is at your full disposal, and the project can be worked on according to a workflow that you are used to, and comfortable with. When you hire us to do welding work directly on your premises, you truly do receive our full attention every step of the way.
  • More predictable billing – When you decide to use our mobile welding services – you will receive a quote that won’t change with hidden costs, as you can transparently see everything that our professionals are doing first-hand. If your project’s requirements don’t change part way through, you can feel confident that your invoice won’t change either.
  • Ready when you are – Our mobile welding services are designed to fit around your schedule, and so you can have on-demand work done to meet your project’s timeline We love to be able to provide a streamlined solution to our clients, to make operations smooth and logistically easy to figure out.

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