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For many, aluminum is the best choice when it comes to selecting a major component for shipbuilding. Among the selling points of aluminum include its strength, its lightweight, and durability. In addition, aluminum is also easy to maintain and repair.

Lightweight and Resistance

With aluminum, ship hulls, as well as other superstructures, can be designed to be light and strong at the same time. Its exceptional resistance levels make an aluminum-made hull better suited to braving the elements as opposed to a polyester one. Therefore, an aluminum ship can be considered to be ideal and safer for sailing.


With aluminum, there is a guarantee that your ship is going to hold out for longer. The rate at which aluminum deteriorates is remarkably slow. Additionally, it requires less maintenance and has no specific lifetime limit.

High resistance to the effects of corrosion

Aluminum has been a mainstay in the nautical world for decades. This is thanks in no small part to its ability to resist corrosion and the accompanying damaging effects. We do not know of any aluminum-made boats getting scrapped as a result of corrosion. Current knowledge does not allow for the exact determination of the lifespan of an aluminum structure; however, to make things simple, its longevity is defined by experts to be infinite.

However, it is entirely possible that aluminum hulls experience galvanic corrosion. This is usually caused by electrolysis between stainless steel and aluminum parts.

At Alumarine Shipyards, our boats are painstakingly designed to avoid errant contact between stainless components and aluminum ones. Leak testers and insulation transformers are used where needed while cables are protected in pipes and shafts to avoid depreciation.


Aluminum provides users with a certain level of comfort. Its durability and resistance remove any sense of panic. Also, it doesn’t make creaky noises at sea.


With aluminum as the significant shipbuilding material, it is easier to plan accommodation. Shipbuilders can customize each boat to the owner’s specific requests. They can also modify the inner layout and superstructures easily.


When at sea, safety is an important factor to be considered. Aluminum is highly rated in the area of safety and security. It doesn’t burn and also doesn’t fuel fires.
Resale value

Since aluminum boats depreciate extremely slowly, their resale values are still quite high. This is helped on by the fact that they are quite sustainable and easily maintained.
Environmental Implications

In comparison with composite material, aluminum can easily be recycled if there is a need. It also generates little to no secondary pollution which is a definite plus for the environment.