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Our Commercial & Residential Aluminum Railings

Cedric Marina Ltd. offers the services of designing, fabricating, welding and installing durable aluminum railings. We offer aluminum railing products that can be used in new construction and/or restoration projects. We offer countless of design options – either chosen from our selection of pre-manufactured designs or we can create customized aluminum railing designs to your personal preference. We offer a multitude of metal patterns, colors and panels to choose from.

Advantages of Using Aluminum 

Aluminum is a highly sought-after choice because of the various advantages that it boasts. Some of these advantages are:

  • It is corrosion resistant which makes it a low maintenance material that is resistant to wear and tear under a variety of environmental conditions.
  • It will not crack, split, warp or swell over time.
  • It is highly sustainable. Aluminum is considered to be one of the most recycled materials, which makes it an environmentally friendly option.
  • It provides a sleek and clean look – all made with virtually any architectural style.
We provide quality, maintenance free railings for decks, stairs, fencing, handrails, gates and more to a variety of industries from builders and contractors to construction sites and installers. With our custom fabrication options available, as well as our team’s enthusiasm in meeting and exceeding the requirements to any aluminum railing project, we hope to provide you with an impeccable and innovative aluminum railing design. We do:

  • Easy installations with railings that can be utilized internally and externally.
  • Customizable options with a range of colors, designs and styles.
  • Big and small jobs from commercial buildings to complexes and more.

Why Aluminum Railings


It’s hard to top aluminum as a material to deploy when it comes to making a decision for the type of railing you want. Aluminum requires very little maintenance, it is a lightweight solution, and is extremely durable. Aluminum railings will also most likely outlast the structure that they compliment. Aluminum railings are an excellent addition to your home’s interior, or your property’s exterior, and the safety of them is dependable. Cedric Marina Ltd. has a wide selection of aluminum railing options, or we can build a custom one to your heart’s desire, so contact us today so we can understand your vision and help you make it a reality.

Aluminum Is Highly Sustainable

Aluminum is considered to be one of the most recycled materials available on the market, which makes it an environmentally friendly option at any given time. With more and more people moving towards a green lifestyle, and thinking about their children’s long-term existence on a healthy planet Earth, aluminum is a wonderful material to help with these important mandates.

Fantastic Durability

Many railing materials are susceptible to rust or corrosion, but aluminum is a material that holds up extremely well to mother nature when it’s at its very worst. There’s also peace of mind when it comes to negative things happening such as warping, cracking, splitting, or swelling. You don’t need to do much to aluminum railings to ensure that they stay beautiful for decades down the road. Aluminum is a material that prides itself on being strong, sturdy, and versatile. There’s no need to worry about any kind of decaying situations happening, so your aluminum railing will remain durable to use essentially forever. Its original shape will also remain the same when tested with extreme temperatures, so no matter how harsh the weather gets one way or another, your aluminum railing will stand the test of time.

They Provide A Sleek Look

Aluminum railings have a nice mix of aesthetic appeal and safety, with a diverse selection of styles and colours available so that you can find the perfect one that matches up well with your home’s current look. They also offer a brilliant elegance without the massive weight and bulkiness of wrought iron for example, and can organically play off of your property’s existing attributes and features.  

Maintenance Is Low

There truly isn’t a lot of upkeep required for aluminum railings as they are naturally strong, and with help from powder coated products that are commonly used, these substances assist in keeping them looking incredible. You may want to get out the water hose or wipe them down occasionally if they are looking slightly dirty at times, but those activities are quick and easy to do. If you are particular and want to see some sparkle and shine, aluminum railings can handle whatever product you want to use on them to keep them looking just the way your heart desires.

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